Khusro Bagh: In Memory of Akbar’s Favourite

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Close to the Allahabad Railway Station, in the Khuldabad area of the city, is a walled garden called Khusro Bagh. This is the only memorial dedicated to the favourite grandson of Akbar, the man who could well have been the Emperor of India. While Prince Khurram, who became famous as Emperor Shah Jahan is very well known, it was his elder brother Prince Khusro, who Akbar was keen to see on the throne.
Prince Khusro was the eldest son of Jahangir and his Rajput wife, Man Bai, the Princess of Amer (Jaipur). He was born in 1587 CE and it was after his birth that Man Bai received the title of Shah Begum. Khusro grew up to be an intelligent young man, who was a great warrior and a court favourite.

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