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Mapping Human Migration | Tales & Trails
About 70,000 years ago, humans migrated from Africa to the far corners of the world. We talk to Harvard University’s Jeff Blossom who has mapped the great ‘Walk out of Eden.’

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The Marathas in the ‘Land of Five Rivers’

The saga of how the Marathas reached the North-West Frontier of the Indian subcontinent and the twists and turns that shaped the history of the period

Snapshort Histories

Bengaluru’s Balabrooie House - Historic & Jinxed?

This majestic mansion on Palace Road housed some illustrious residents. But then, it fell off favour. Why? Was it jinxed? Here is the amazing story of Balabrooie House in #LHICityShots

Stories that Make India

Srikalahasti: A Temple of Salvation 
Catch the story of the Srikalahasti temple where, as per legend, a Sri (spider), Kala (snake) and Hasti (elephant) once worshiped the Shivalinga and attained moksha.

Amazing India

Amazing India

Bhuj’s Lake of Life

At a time when there is a National debate on our rivers, here is a story that underlines how fresh water bodies play such a crucial role and lessons history can teach.

Amazing India

Lonar Crater Lake: A Gift from the Sky

The Lonar Lake, with sparkling blue water is a unique geological wonder and a place where geology, astronomy, and history come together to create a grand spectacle.

Weaves of India

Kharad: Life in a Weave
Catch the story of the weave that traces its origins 800 years... Kharad harks back to the era of old palaces, wandering nomads and camel herders

Living History

Forgotten Treasures

The Fabulous Timur Ruby

The fascinating story of how one of India’s most historic gems ended up in a British treasure

Forgotten Treasures

From India With Love   

Over 2000 words that are often used in the English language today, come from India. How did they make their way there? We trace the story.