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The Story of the Bahmanis
The first Muslim dynasty of the Deccan the Bahmanis remain an enigma. We headed to Daulatabad, Gulbarga and Bidar their old capitals, to trace their story and how they set the ball rolling for a new Dakhini culture with Author and Historian Helen Philon who has done decades of research on them 

History Daily

History Daily

Bhaskar Varman: The Great Assamese Emperor

History may not remember him but Bhaskar Varman was one of Assam’s greatest emperors. During his half-century reign, he greatly expanded the borders of Kamarupa and used diplomacy to ensure that his fame spread to new lands. Catch the story of the last and most dynamic king of the Varman dynasty

History Daily

The Story of Delhi’s Cinema Halls

As single-screen cinemas wind down towards ‘The End’ across the country, we bring you the story of Delhi’s old-school cinema halls, the script of which is set against a backdrop of politics, war and turbulent social equations

History Daily

Maharaja Duleep Singh: Heir to Punjab’s Lost Sikh Kingdom

Maharaja Duleep Singh of Punjab, the little boy who handed over the Kohinoor to the British, was one of the most enigmatic and tragic personalities in Indian history. Discover the unknown facets of his life, in conversation with British historian, Peter Bance.

Stories that Make India

Kashmir’s Old Capitals
In this episode of History Daily, catch the story of Kashmir’s great medieval capitals, whose traces have almost been obliterated with time.

Living History

Snapshort Histories

India’s Famous Qurans

It was the Arab traders who first brought Islam to India. Go to Kerala and you will find India’s oldest mosque, built by an Arab merchant in 629 CE. With the faith came the Holy Book, The Quran

History in a Dish

Tracing India’s Food Journey - Of Sugar & Spice    

Spices form the heart of Indian cooking and why not? After all, many of them originate in India. Check out which and how far back they really go.

Forgotten Treasures

The Bombay Blackwood: A Class Apart

Did you know that Bombay was home to its own style of furniture - the ‘Bombay Blackwood’ that was so in vogue, that US millionaires and Middle Eastern Sultans used to collect it

Tales of Our Cities

Tales of Old Hyderabad 
Hyderabad is known as the ‘city of the Nizams’, but it was the Qutbshahi rulers before them who created the city. Catch the fascinating story of the beginnings of Hyderabad and the truth behind its origins, with historian Sajjad Shahid. 

Amazing India

Amazing India

Badaun: City of Sultans

As many as three Sultans of Delhi cut their teeth in Badaun and another retired here after he abdicated the throne. Visit the top ten monuments of a town whose legacy dates back to the Delhi Sultanate and catch some priceless nuggets from a former ‘first city’ of the subcontinent

Amazing India

The Many Charms of Naggar  

The fairytale town of Naggar which was once the abode of the Kullu kings is crowned by an enchanting castle. Catch the story of this Himalayan kingdom and the palace that was apparently bartered for a rifle! 

Amazing India

Pallavas & the Tale of Two Cities

One is known for its silk saris, the other for its rock-cut monuments, but both have one thing in common. Catch the story of Kanchipuram and Mamallapuram’s glory days under the Pallavas and how they laid the foundation for South India’s temple architecture.

Heritage Matters

Preserving Rajkumari Amrit Kaur’s Legacy
A princess, who left a life of luxury to join India’s freedom struggle and later became independent India’s first woman cabinet minister, is today emerging as an icon for young Indians. Know how her story is being preserved and documented by her great grand nephews on Heritage Matters.