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Delhi’s Ashoka Connection

Delhi is a city with a rich history, much of it well-documented. But do you know that strewn across various parts of the capital are hidden treasures from the 3rd Century BC? We help you unearth them on #LHICityShots

Snapshort Histories

Marthanda Varma and the Battle of Colachel  

The fascinating story of the Battle of Colachel, with its links to the King of Travancore and the hidden treasures of the Padmanabhaswamy temple

Snapshort Histories

In Search of Akbar’s Wise Men   

We have all grown up with tales of Akbar’s nine wise men but what is surprising is that there  are no contemporary account of his time mentions such group. So where did these stories come from?

Stories that Make India

Kanakadurga: A Holy Abode
The goddess who watches over the city of Vijayawada and the temple that is literally its crowning glory. Catch the legends around the grand Kanakadurga, in the first of our series on the Temples of Andhra Pradesh

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Barabar Caves & The Lost Ajivikas

The Barabar Caves in Bihar, the oldest rock-cut cave shrines in India, are the only built remnants of the lost Ajivika religion that once vied with Buddhism and Jainism for dominance.

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Chambal’s Haunting Temples 

Deep in the shadows of the Chambal ravines, the mysterious temples of Bateshwar stand testimony to the famed history of the region. We unearth their story!

Weaves of India

Kalamkari: A Timeless Art
What do you get when you put together a tamarind pen, all-natural dyes, cotton and silk fabric and skilled craftsmanship? The exquisitely hand-painted Kalamkari art. We trace its backstory, to the sacred temple town of Srikalahasti in Andhra Pradesh.

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History in a Dish

Saffron: Kashmir’s Golden Spice

Catch the story of the Kashmiri Saffron, from its ancient roots to the challenges it faces today

Forgotten Treasures

When they found Buddha’s Relics!

In 1898, vases filled with jewels and bones were found in the dusty mounds of a village in #UttarPradesh. Studies revealed what was destined to be one of the most significant discoveries in history!