Live History India : Stories that Make India

Stories that Make India

Tales of Tughlaqabad
Imposing and hauntingly beautiful, the great fort of Tughlaqabad was also cursed. Hear the story of the sultan who wanted to build the most impregnable fort and the Sufi saint, who cast a shadow on his ambitions. Join Historian & Author Sapna Liddle in Tughlaqabad... 

Amazing India

Amazing India

The Bedrock on Which India Stands

Did you know that the Nandi Hills in Karnataka are part of the very bedrock - the building block, of the Indian subcontinent and have been around for 3.5 billion years! Catch the story...

Amazing India

Thembang: A Fortified Village with a Lesson to Share

What is a remote village of less than 50 households doing on a UNESCO heritage list? Catch the amazing story of Thembang in Arunachal Pradesh and the example it has set for the rest of the world.

Road to Enterprise

Sindhis & the Spirit of Enterprise
The Sindhis have spread out across the world and built global businesses, against all odds. We trace their journey to understand the spirit of the enterprise that makes the community so unique 

Living History

History in a Dish

Pickle: Preserved by History

Be it a jar of sour limes, tangy mango or spicy chillies that set your mouth on fire, India’s food pantheon is incomplete without pickles or āchār. We take a look at ancient history to find out how pickles made their way into every Indian household

Forgotten Treasures

Orlov Diamond: To Russia with Love 

While most Indians know of the Kohinoor diamond in London, there is a larger diamond in Moscow - The Orlov, that few are aware of!