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Hirakud: Diamonds Under A Dam

What is the link between Hirakud Dam in Odisha and the fabled diamonds that once dazzled the courts of ancient Rome? Catch the stunning story of Hirakud - Odisha’s ‘diamond island’ and its treasures.

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The Task of Measuring India

Ambitious, audacious and meticulous, a saga of a survey that resulted in The Great Arc of the Meridian and the mapping of India

Tales & Trails

Kapurthala’s Royal Legacy | Tales & Trails
Kapurthala, a small town near Jalandhar, is famed for its beautiful buildings that have earned it the title of ‘The Paris of Punjab’. Catch the story of Kapurthala’s royal legacy

Tales of Our Cities

Pune and the Maratha Empire
For around a century, Pune was the heart of the Maratha Empire as its armies marched across India from Attock to Cuttack. Catch the story of Pune’s glory days and how it then became, the Queen of the Deccan with author and historian Uday S Kulkarni

Amazing India

Amazing India

Baijnath Temple: The Lord of Physicians

A medieval shrine with special curative powers, Baijnath temple is a jewel of the Kangra region in Himachal Pradesh. Adding to its aura are inscriptions in ancient scripts that hint at the temple’s glorious origins

Amazing India

Chandrapur’s Royal Gond Legacy

Chandrapur in Maharashtra is little more than a transit point for the famous Tadoba Tiger Reserve but pause long enough and the city will reveal its fascinating story to you. Did you know that ‘Chanda’ was the capital of a Gond tribal kingdom that ruled Central India for 500 years ? 

Amazing India

Chandraketugarh: An Enigma in Bengal

The ancient and mysterious archaeological settlement of Chandraketugarh has been neglected by historians and governments across time. As a result, it has been plundered for its rich terracotta artefacts, which are now in museums around the world

Weaves of India

Kharad: Life in a Weave
Catch the story of the weave that originated 800 years ago... Kharad harks back to the era of old palaces, wandering nomads and camel herders