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Finding Kalidasa | Tales & Trails
We go the heart of India, Nagardhan, an ancient site, that is still revealing its mysteries. It takes us to the story of the prominent princess Prabhavati the daughter of Gupta emperor Chandragupta and the noted Sanskrit poet Kalidasa. Marvel at the mysterious gigantic pots of Nagardhan, whose presence has astounded archaeologists!

Amazing India

Amazing India

Khetri Fort: Shekhawati’s Hidden Gem

If Shekhawati in Rajasthan is synonymous with havelis, temples and historic monuments, here’s a treasure that is usually overlooked. Crowned by a massive fort, the town of Khetri is known for its unusual tryst with India’s destiny

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Sindh’s Other ‘City of the Dead’

Not far from Thatta, the medieval capital of Sindh, is one of the world’s largest cemetery – the Makli Necropolis. This hilltop city of the dead holds half a million tombs, many still astonishingly beautiful. Catch the story of Makli and the town that flourished at the mouth of the Indus

Tales of Our Cities

Tales of Tughlaqabad
Imposing and hauntingly beautiful, the great fort of Tughlaqabad was also cursed. Hear the story of the sultan who wanted to build the most impregnable fort and the Sufi saint, who cast a shadow on his ambitions. Join Historian & Author Sapna Liddle in Tughlaqabad... 

Forgotten Treasures

Forgotten Treasures

The Fabulous Timur Ruby

The fascinating story of how one of India’s most historic gems ended up in a British treasure

Forgotten Treasures

Threaded Tales in the Chamba Rumal

The story of the weave that tells great stories

The Great Indian Gharanas

The Great Indian Gharanas in Khayal
Khayal, the modern genre of classical singing in Northern India, popularized by Amir Khusro in the 13th century, saw a great revival in the 18th century. LHI’s Nikhil Inamdar tells us how the tide turned for Khayal

History in a Dish

History in a Dish

Saffron: Kashmir’s Golden Spice

Catch the story of the Kashmiri Saffron, from its ancient roots to the challenges it faces today

History in a Dish

The Samosa Trail

Dip into the history of the Samosa to see how India’s favourite snack made its way into the country and how it has always been a travellers delight!