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Heritage Matters

Reviving the Jamdani | Heritage Matters
Once worth their weight in gold, the fine Muslin Jamdanis of Bengal almost vanished from looms. What happened & how was this prized weave revived? Catch our new series ‘Heritage Matters’, where we look at the people and institutions who are working to save our heritage. 

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Cover Story

Mangaluru’s Jewish Connection

A secret chamber, a hoard of letters and a curious historian is what it took to uncover the roots of a Jewish community that sailed to Mangaluru in the 12th century. Catch the story of the Ben Ezra Jews and their tryst with India

Snapshort Histories

The ‘Other Gandhi’ Meets The World

It was not only Swami Vivekananda who captivated the audience at the World Parliament of Religions at Chicago. There was yet another Indian scholar representing Jainism about whom the international newspapers couldn’t stop talking about. Here is the story of this forgotten hero -

Tales of Our Cities

Tales of Delhi and its Ridge
It’s the least celebrated part of Delhi, but the hilly Ridge that hugs the city is historic. From the site of the oldest pre-historic settlement of the region to the place where pitched battles were fought in 1857 - catch the many stories that make it so integral to Delhi’s history.  

Amazing India

Amazing India

Jodu Kalasa: The Twin-Towered Temple

Twinning back in time! Amid the crumbling stone and forgotten ruins in Sudi, Karnataka lies the most unique of monuments, the twin-towered Jodu Kalasa Temple, with its two sanctums and a common mandapa. We take a closer look!

Amazing India

Bhuj’s Lake of Life

At a time when there is a National debate on our rivers, here is a story that underlines how fresh water bodies play such a crucial role and lessons history can teach.

Treasures of India

The Nizam’s Jewels
The Nizam of Hyderabad’s jewel collection is considered one of the finest in the world. But what makes it so amazing? Take a look at the finest pieces of the Nizam’s jewels with jewellery historian and Author - Dr Usha R Balakrishnan - as she transports us to another era.