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In Search of Kalinga’s Kharavela | Tales & Trails
After the devastating defeat at the hands of Emperor Ashoka there was a king who restored the pride of ancient Kalinga. But what do we know about King Kharavela? On Tales & Trails, we take you to his old capital and the place from where archaeologists began to piece together the story of this great king.  

History Daily

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Kerala and the Gateway of Faiths

The earliest mosque, church and synagogue - all can be found here! Kerala’s Malabar Coast may be a popular tourist destination today but it was once a melting pot of traders, travellers and pilgrims. Join us as we hunt down the ancient port of Muziris, the key to why this coastal strip was a confluence of many faiths

Snapshort Histories

Indian Science – The Real Marvels

Why is the sky blue? Who came up with the idea of microwaves, that power our mobile phones work? How hot is the sun? Did you know that the answers to these questions, which we often ask, came from Indian scientists? Catch the stories of these geniuses and their glorious legacy...

Living History

Bakarkhani:  An Ode To Lost Love

Love, revenge, murder and a great escape… spicy ingredients that make a flatbread called ‘Bakarkhani’ extra-special. Catch the dramatic tale of this local delicacy that immortalises one of the most tragic love stories of the 18th century

Heritage Matters

Saving the Havelis | Heritage Matters
The best way to save the old may be to adapt it to changing times, that’s what some savvy owners of old heritage Havelis are doing to save their legacy. Take a look... 

History of India (2000 years)

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Magadha & the First Empire (543 - 330 BCE)

The story of how the ambitious kings of Magadha swept across much of northern and eastern India using  force, faith, marriages, cunning and even murders to carve out the subcontinent’s first empire. How did it all end? Find out ...

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The Great Sixteen - Mahajanapadas (600 -330 BCE)

Mathura, Patna, Varanasi, Peshawar & Allahabad are just some of the cities that go back over 2500 years. How did their journey start & what do we know of the kingdoms, that they were central to? We dip into decades of research & tell the story of the ‘Solasa Mahajanapadas’.

Weaves of India

The Mystique of Rogan
Team LHI in partnership with Gujarat Tourism brings to you the fascinating story of Rogan, a dying craft form practiced by a single family in Gujarat.

Forgotten Treasures

Forgotten Treasures

The Games We Played

At a time when the gaming culture seems to be taking over, let us look at the first games which kept our ancestors engrossed. Roll the dice with us and enter a fascinating world of winners and losers.

Forgotten Treasures

Great Libraries of India

Where would you find manuscripts once owned by Emperor Shah Jahan, poetry handwritten by Lord Byron and Dante’s The Divine Comedy? Discover these and other priceless books and manuscripts as we dig deep into some of India’s great libraries

The Great Indian Gharanas

The Great Indian Gharanas in Khayal
Khayal, the modern genre of classical singing in Northern India, popularized by Amir Khusro in the 13th century, saw a great revival in the 18th century. LHI’s Nikhil Inamdar tells us how the tide turned for Khayal