The Vishnukundin Kings of Andhra  
Laying The Lunatic Line
The ‘Jugglers’ Mutiny’

Stories that Make India

Tales & Trails: Heritage Matters 
To hand out or not to hand out - that seems to be the big debate as the Union Govt executes its ‘Adopt a Heritage’ policy. How deep is the crisis and how safe are our monuments? Catch Tales & Trails with Malvika Singh, author, heritage crusader and publisher of Seminar.

History Daily

Cover Story

The Man Behind the Boson Particle

The story of an Indian genius who besides making a mark in the world, also promoted the teaching in vernacular languages, believing that in order for India to develop, the fundamentals of science and culture must be taught in ways that are familiar, not foreign.

Amazing India

Chandragiri: The Last Capital of the Vijayanagara Empire

It did not end at Talikota... a part of the grand Vijayanagara empire continued to exist for another 81 years!

Backpacking through History

Backpacking through Hirapur
Join us as we go to Hirapur, on the outskirts of Bhubaneswar in Odisha, to discover a mystic secret that has been hidden here for centuries

LHI HerStory

LHI HerStory

Mai Bhago - The Great Sikh Warrior   

Catch the story of Mai Bhago, a great female Sikh warrior, who led a band of 40 men against 10,000 strong Mughal army at the battle of  Muktsar in 1705 CE

LHI HerStory

Kashmir’s ‘Ruthless’ Queen Didda

Queen Didda was a powerful and formidable ruler, who has often been described as ruthless by Kashmiri writers. Has history been fair on her?

The Great Indian Gharanas

The Great Indian Gharanas in Khayal
Khayal, the modern genre of classical singing in Northern India, popularized by Amir Khusro in the 13th century, saw a great revival in the 18th century. LHI’s Nikhil Inamdar tells us how the tide turned for Khayal

Living History

Forgotten Treasures

The Great Train Banquet

On the royal dining table at Gwalior’s Jai Mahal palace, you will find a toy train made of silver that serves you at your seat. 

Forgotten Treasures

Pashmina - Illustrious and ancient

Fine hand woven, Pashmina shawls or Cashmeres as they are known, are prized for their beauty & quality. Literally meaning ‘soft gold’ in Kashmiri, the Pashmina has a truly illustrious and ancient past

Weaves of India

The Patan Patola
Catch the story of one of the most unique weaves in the world, the colorful Patan patola sari.