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Weaving Through History in Chennai’s Mylapore

No other locality in Madras symbolizes the city’s history and spirit like Mylapore does. Here’s a story going back 2000 years,  much before the time of heritage houses which define Mylapore today. 

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Delhi’s Ashoka Connection

Delhi is a city with a rich history, much of it well-documented. But do you know that strewn across various parts of the capital are hidden treasures from the 3rd Century BCE? 

Stories that Make India

Gujarati Thali: Celebrating Food
It is one of India’s greatest food exports - the Gujarati thali, that is relished by Indians across the world, giving them a feel of home. But how old is it? And how have geography, faith and culture shaped it? Find out as we take you on an exciting gastronomical journey through time and space...

Amazing India

Amazing India

Gujarat’s Dinosaur Park

Head to Gujarat’s Rahioli and you will find one of the world’s most spectacular dinosaur parks with thousands of intact dinosaur eggs! Also meet the earliest inhabitants of India, like the Rajasauras Namadensis - King Lizard of the Narmada  

Amazing India

Agra: Beyond the Taj

The story of Agra’s fascinating, lesser-known monuments, skipped by most visitors  

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The Hidden Forts of Bengaluru

It is hard to imagine, but the bustling metropolis of Bengaluru hides numerous historic forts within it. Join us, as Deepanjan Ghosh, rediscovers the hidden forts of Bengaluru and the stories behind them.

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Ludo’s Indian Roots   

One of the most popular board games across the world, Ludo traces its origin back to the ancient Indian game of Pachisi. 

Forgotten Treasures

Lifting the Veil on Early India

Coins have not just stood the test of time but borne witness to the rise and fall of empires and civilizations