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Mapping Human Migration | Tales & Trails
About 70,000 years ago, humans migrated from Africa to the far corners of the world. We talk to Harvard University’s Jeff Blossom who has mapped the great ‘Walk out of Eden.’

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Regal Cinema: Many Firsts

Catch the story of Mumbai’s iconic cinema which boasts of several ‘firsts’ to its name. Sadly, this historic Art Deco cinema may be headed for a predictable end.   

Amazing India

The Croats of Goa

Not many people who visit Goa know that in the north, in the village of Gandaulim is the St. Blaise Church which is all that remains of Goa’s connection with Croatia!

Stories that Make India

Srikalahasti: A Temple of Salvation 
Catch the story of the Srikalahasti temple where, as per legend, a Sri (spider), Kala (snake) and Hasti (elephant) once worshiped the Shivalinga and attained moksha.

Amazing India

Amazing India

Deeg Palace: The Jat Centre

A palace complex that was at the heart of the rise of the Jat kingdom in the early 18th century CE, the Deeg Palace is a stand-out for its great style of architecture and its relevance in Jat history.

Amazing India

Chandragiri: The Last Capital of the Vijayanagara Empire

It did not end at Talikota... a part of the grand Vijayanagara empire continued to exist for another 81 years!

Weaves of India

Kharad: Life in a Weave
Catch the story of the weave that traces its origins 800 years... Kharad harks back to the era of old palaces, wandering nomads and camel herders

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Forgotten Treasures

The Fabulous Timur Ruby

The fascinating story of how one of India’s most historic gems ended up in a British treasure

Forgotten Treasures

From India With Love   

Over 2000 words that are often used in the English language today, come from India. How did they make their way there? We trace the story.