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Tales of Our Cities

Tales of Murshidabad  
Once the capital of the richest Mughal province & then kingdom, Murshidabad is today well past its glory. But wind your way through it and you will find tales of glory, intrigue & brute ambition. Catch the story of the lost capital of Bengal, in this episode of Tales of Our Cities..

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Ustad Mansur – A Wonder Of His Age

Catch the story of Ustad Mansur, a Mughal-era painter patronised by Emperor Jahangir. Today, his paintings are scattered in museums around the world

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The Lost Crown of Satara

A chance find of a Royal Maratha Pagdi or Turban, in Virginia USA, helped uncover the fascinating tale of the lost crown of the Marathas.

Weaves of India

Paithani: The Majestic Weave
Trace the history of Paithan’s majestic weave, that once made Indian textiles famous across the world

Living History

History Daily

India: A Geological Treasure Trove

Ancient cultures, religions, and the birth of civilisation itself. India has it all, including a riveting geological past. Did you know that Meghalaya was once a coral island, and that not far from Bengaluru you can actually touch a part of the earth’s crust? Catch the stories of India’s geological wonders and where to find them

Snapshort Histories

A Touch of Indian Yellow

The story of the vibrant yellow pigment, which captured the imagination of artists from the Mughal Ateliers to Post-Impressionist Europe, is a fascinating blend of legend, art and science.

Road to Enterprise

Sindhis & the Spirit of Enterprise
The Sindhis have spread out across the world and built global businesses, against all odds. We trace their journey to understand the spirit of the enterprise that makes the community so unique 

Amazing India

Amazing India

Deulghata: The Hidden Temples of Purulia

Tucked away in the forests of West Bengal are Jain temples nearly a thousand years old, built by Shaivaite kings of Odisha. Crumbling and overgrown, they represent a time when Purulia was an important hub of Jainism

Amazing India

Bhimbetka: India’s Oldest Art Gallery

The earliest humans in India not only lived here but also left snippets of their lives in the spectacular prehistoric art in Bhimbetka near Bhopal. We revisit these early artists and decode the narrative they wove in the hills of Central India.

Amazing India

Fatehpur Sikri: Symphony in Red

The magnificent city of Fatehpur Sikri was built by Emperor Akbar as an act of gratitude and served as his capital for 15 years. Catch the story of this Mughal marvel and its stunning monuments, and find out why it was abandoned so suddenly and so quickly in 1610

The Great Indian Gharanas

Kirana Gharana
Ustad Abdul Karim Khan who founded the Kirana Gharana was a court singer in Baroda & later Mysore. His musical interactions with Carnatic musicians brought about a unique confluence