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Tales & Trails: Chai Pe Charcha | The Tale of Indian Tea
For millions of Indians, a day without a cup of ‘Chai’ is unimaginable. But did you know, hardly anyone in India drank tea until 1900s. In this episode of Tales & Trails, we bring you a fascinating insight into how politics, economics and a massive propaganda campaign by the British, turned Indians into ‘Chai Lovers’.   

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Cover Story

Miraj: From Swords to Strings

That a non-edible, poisonous gourd should create music is a strange thing to hear... but fact, sometimes, can be stranger and more delightful than fiction. Join us as we trace the story of the Miraj Tanpura - a musical instrument that was pioneered over 200 years ago by a family of sword-smiths.

Amazing India

Pari Mahal: The Palace of Fairies

‘Pari Mahal’ or the Palace of Fairies built by Jahangir’s grandson, Dara Shikoh is perched on top of the Zarbawan mountain range, overlooking the Dal Lake in Srinagar and really lives up to its name.

Amazing India

Amazing India

Maluti - Forgotten Temples of Jharkhand

Featured among the ‘12 ancient landmarks in the world, on the verge of vanishing’, read on to know why Maluti’s unique temples need help.

Amazing India

St. Andrew’s Church – Older than the Taj!

Catch the story of St. Andrew’s Church, the oldest church of Bandra,that has stood tall for 400 years and still holds active service.

Weaves of India

Paithani: The Majestic Weave
Trace the history of Paithan’s majestic weave, that once made Indian textiles famous across the world

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History in a Dish

The Kahani of the Khichdi

This humble comfort food is not just versatile, almost every family has a different recipe for it, it is also ancient. Here is the story of a dish most Indians take for granted!

Forgotten Treasures

The Rare Coins of the Republic of India

Collectors and numismatic enthusiasts will pay through their nose for coins that are rare, no matter when they were minted. Here are 5 of modern India’s most prized coins.