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Tales & Trails: The Forgotten City
From 1536 CE, when the Portuguese took over Vasai from the Sultans of Gujarat, it became a headquarters for them in the region. In this episode of Tales & Trails, we travel 60 kms from Mumbai and we go back in time, as we explore the ruins of a once grand city, today lost and forgotten.

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The Temple that Rose from the Sea

Archaeologists carried out excavations on a site unearthed after the 2004 tsunami in Tamil Nadu and they have been astounded...

Snapshort Histories

The Goddess Who Went to Nepal

A story of old connections that link a temple in Maharashtra to the great goddess Taleju Bhawani of Nepal.

Stories that Make India

Bharatpur & Deeg: The Royal Jat Legacy
Once the seat of an empire, Bharatpur and Deeg tell the story of the rise of the great Jat rulers who dominated the region. Catch the saga of the Royal Jat Legacy in our special series on the Stories that Make Rajasthan.   

Amazing India

Amazing India

The Sentinel Fort of Manipur

For almost 2,000 years, the Kangla Fort has been a silent witness to Manipuri history.

Amazing India

Belapur’s Strategic Fort

Once pegged as an alternative to Nariman Point, Belapur, a suburb of Mumbai, never quite made the mark, but the very name comes from this area’s historic past

Weaves of India

Kharad: Life in a Weave
Catch the story of the weave that traces its origins 800 years... Kharad harks back to the era of old palaces, wandering nomads and camel herders

Living History

History in a Dish

Goa’s ‘Feni’ Story

The colonial past of Goa’s most popular and unique drink

History in a Dish

Bandel Cheese: Binding Bengal & Portugal

How is a Portuguese settlement in Bengal keeping a legacy alive with cheese?