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Tales & Trails

Tales & Trails: Akbar’s Farman
An old tale of a Khanquah and its link with the Mughals. In Tales and Trails we travel to Bihar and find a treasure trove!

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Amazing India

Lonar Crater Lake: A Gift from the Sky

The Lonar Lake, with sparkling blue water is a unique geological wonder and a place where geology, astronomy, and history come together to create a grand spectacle.

Snapshort Histories

The Making of Amritsar   

The evolution and development of the city of Amritsar is intertwined with the history of Sikhs. As the faith grew - so did its most important city Amritsar and its holiest shrine The Golden Temple.

Stories that Make India

Alwar: History In Nature’s Lap
History and nature come alive in this ancient land of Alwar. Catch the magic of Alwar in our special series on the Stories that make Rajasthan. 

Amazing India

Amazing India

The Mysterious Mounds of the Ahoms

Catch the story of the burial mounds of the Ahom kings in Assam, which like the pyramids of Egypt, hide inside it the untold secrets of the past

Amazing India

Vivekananda Rock: The Breaking Point

On the southernmost tip of the Indian subcontinent, you will find the Vivekananda Rock Memorial, which has hundreds of visitors every day. But most have no idea of the immense geological significance of the rock.

Weaves of India

Weaves of Banaras
Journey through the rich past of Banaras, where history and spirituality meet, through its rich and timeless textiles

Living History

Forgotten Treasures

Larin: The Currency of the Seas

Story of the Larin, one of the most the unique currencies ever minted in India, shaped like a hairpin or a fishhook

Forgotten Treasures

Tata Steel & Gwalior’s ‘Chambers of Secrets’

It is hard to imagine that one of the largest private sector steel companies in India, Tata Steel, has a link with the hidden treasures of Gwalior!