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Feluda: A Sleuth For All Times  

Bengal’s much-loved detective, Feluda, was the creation of legendary filmmaker and writer Satyajit Ray. Fifty-five years after he made his debut, find out how Ray’s Sherlock Holmes has managed to stay relevant

Snapshort Histories

Old Motifs for the New World

Catch the story of the ‘Siddi Saiyyad ni Jaali’, an exquisite 16th-century latticework, which has become the unofficial symbol of Ahmedabad city and the logo of its most famous academic institution, the Indian Institute of Management (IIM-A)

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Lost Treasures of the Rampur Nawabs

When the vaults of the Rampur Nawabs were finally opened in February 2020 after a Supreme Court Order, there was shock. The famed Rampur jewels - priceless diamonds, emeralds and pearls set in exquisite crowns and necklaces were all gone!  Where were they? Did they even exist? We find out. 

Stories that Make India

Gagron Fort: A Hidden Wonder
In Jhalawar, lies one of the most spectacular but least known forts of Rajasthan. Built in the 12th century, it was declared as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 2013. 

Cover Story

Cover Story

Pandua: The Lost Capital of the Bengal Sultanate

Catch the story of Pandua, a thriving 14th century metropolis and the capital of the Bengal Sultanate, whose desolate monuments tell the story of its now-forgotten past glory.

Cover Story

Bene Israel - Legends of the Children of Israel

Bene Israelis or ‘Children of Israel’ are a fascinating albeit fast dwindling community that has clutched on to its history and legends along the coast near Mumbai

The Great Indian Gharanas

Kirana Gharana
Ustad Abdul Karim Khan who founded the Kirana Gharana was a court singer in Baroda & later Mysore. His musical interactions with Carnatic musicians brought about a unique confluence

LHI HerStory

LHI HerStory

Ismat Chughtai: Telling it Like it is

Ismat Chughtai was a pillar of the modern Urdu short story and a woman who dared to write about the one thing that was most taboo in her time – feminine sexuality. Catch the story of a literary realist who was accused of ‘obscenity’ because her simple but powerful stories threatened conservative Indian society.

LHI HerStory

Toru Dutt: Pioneer of the English Novel in India

Toru Dutt was a literary genius who blended three literary traditions – Indian, English and French. Ironically, the work she is most remembered for was discovered only after her death at the age of 21. Catch the story of this extraordinary daughter of Bengal...

LHI HerStory

Maham Anga: The Woman who Called the Shots in Akbar’s Court 

From wet nurse to the power behind the Mughal throne, the royal court had scarcely seen a woman so scheming and ambitious. Catch the story of Maham Anga who had Emperor Akbar virtually under her spell. 

Treasures of India

A Peek into the Peshwa Court
The only reason we know how the life in Peshwai #Pune looked like, is thanks to the artworks of James Wales - an 18th-century Scottish artist who brought alive the Peshwa court through his canvas. Historian @MulaMutha takes us back in time...