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Shimla: History Was Made Here

While Shimla is a tourist hotspot known for its stunning views and cool climes, there is another, more serious side to this beautiful city. It was the venue of many historic decisions taken during the British rule, including the final discussions on Indian independence

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Ramgarhia Bunga: Amritsar’s Hidden Marvel

The Golden Temple is Amritsar’s most famous monument but did you know that the shrine was protected by a military post that stands right behind it? Catch the story of the Ramgarhia Bunga, which is part of a dramatic chapter in Sikh history.

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Balakot: Crucible of Culture To Casualty of War

You wouldn’t think it today but the region around Balakot in Pakistan, the site of recent air strikes by India, was a melting pot of culture and trade. Catch the story of this fascinating and ancient region once ruled by many great empires

Stories that Make India

Tales of Delhi and its Ridge
It’s the least celebrated part of Delhi, but the hilly Ridge that hugs the city is historic. From the site of the oldest pre-historic settlement of the region to the place where pitched battles were fought in 1857 - catch the many stories that make it so integral to Delhi’s history.  

Amazing India

Amazing India

Meghalaya’s Ancient Sentinels

We have all heard of the Stonehenge in England that attracts millions of tourists each year. But in Nartiang in Meghalaya, lie hundreds of monoliths, that mark the glory of the Jaintia kingdom.

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Cooch Behar’s Palace of Pride 

Today, known more for its grinding poverty, there was a time when the kingdom of Cooch Behar was renowned for its splendour and the great beauty of its princesses! 

Road to Enterprise

The Story of Parsi Enterprise
Catch the story of Parsi entrepreneurship and how they made their way from shipbuilders and traders to India’s leading industrialists. Also, catch the one link with the bygone days and old trade links

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History in a Dish

Tracing India’s Food Journey - Of Sugar & Spice    

Spices form the heart of Indian cooking and why not? After all, many of them originate in India. Check out which and how far back they really go.

Living History

Elokeshi Murder: A Scandal That Shook Colonial Calcutta

The 1873 murder of Elokeshi by her husband brought to the fore age-old biases in Calcutta and pitted local mores against a foreign justice system. Here’s the story of how the incident has been immortalised – in the most unlikely of places!