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Heritage Matters

Shrujan: Reviving the Embroideries of Kutch
The region of Kutch is famous for its embroideries, but did you know that it was a famine that triggered the great revival of this art? Catch the story of how an attempt to create livelihoods led to a revolution in this episode of Heritage Matters.

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Cover Story

Bakhtiyar Khilji’s Disastrous Expedition

A medieval Afghan general who seized Bihar and Bengal, Bakhtiyar Khilji was notorious for his ruthless strategy and opportunistic ways. But did he go too far? Catch Khilji’s dramatic story and the irony that marked his end

Snapshort Histories

How Oil Was Found in India

India’s oldest oil field, Digboi in Assam, was accidentally discovered by an army officer on a war reconnaissance mission. He found oil bubbling on the forest floor! Catch the fantastic tale of Digboi, where crude was first struck commercially in 1889.

Tales & Trails

Sanchi - A Canvas of Buddhist History  
It is one of the most important Buddhist sites in India and it celebrates our country’s secular fabric. But why did it vanish for 800 years? We tell you this UNESCO World Heritage Site’s story as we explore its history and architecture.

History of India (2000 years)

History of India - 2000 years

Kalinga Before Ashoka (7th BCE - 3rd BCE) 

The Battle of Kalinga is one of the most famous battles of Indian history. It transformed Ashoka into a peace loving promoter of Dhamma. But why did he attack Kalinga and, how did it manage to put up such a fight? We get you the lesser known story of ‘Kalinga Before Ashoka’

History of India - 2000 years

Age of Literature: The Art & Science of Living (6th BCE - 1st BCE)

It might sound ironic to say this today in the Information Age, but way back from the 6th BCE scholars were writing and listing out what it takes to lead a balanced life. Join us as we delve into some ancient classics of wholesome living that covered health and wellness, political success, love, entertainment and so much more... 

Weaves of India

Kharad: Life in a Weave
Catch the story of the weave that originated 800 years ago... Kharad harks back to the era of old palaces, wandering nomads and camel herders

Forgotten Treasures

Snapshort Histories

Ludo’s Indian Roots   

One of the most popular board games across the world, Ludo traces its origin back to the ancient Indian game of Pachisi. 

Forgotten Treasures

Tale of Two Champas

What if we told you that Bhagalpur in Bihar was once home to a rich and influential town called Champa? This ancient kingdom was so successful that its traders took Indian culture to the other side of the ocean- Champa, in Vietnam. Catch this riveting tale of two cities...

Road to Enterprise

Sindhis & the Spirit of Enterprise
The Sindhis have spread out across the world and built global businesses, against all odds. We trace their journey to understand the spirit of the enterprise that makes the community so unique