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Rembrandt’s Mughal Collection

Did you know that the famous Dutch painter Rembrandt was a big collector of Mughal curios. He even did a series of portraits of Mughal rulers like Jehangir and Shah Jahan who were his contemporaries!

Snapshort Histories

Pagal Panthis were no Mad Hatters 

In today’s mad, mad world, ‘Pagal Panthi’  is a term used to describe lighthearted, ‘crazy’ behaviour. But, history will surprise you with a curious origin for the term. 

Stories that Make India

Amaravati’s Ancient Legacy
Known as Dhanyakataka in ancient times, present-day Amaravati has deep roots. Catch the story of this ancient Buddhist centre and the legacy it carries in the last of our special series Unseen Andhra Pradesh

Amazing India

Amazing India

Mystery of the Vibrating Minarets

The city of Ahmedabad, is home to an architectural marvel which continues to flummox architects the world over. Little is known about Ahmedabad’s vibrating minarets built in the 15th century.

Amazing India

The Fort with a Mathematics Milestone

The concept of ‘zero’ came from India, but do you know that until last year, a temple in a Gwalior Fort had the oldest mention of zero in the world? Now the jury is divided... 

Weaves of India

Tangaliya: Woven Beads
See amazing & colorful woven beads, come alive on the loom. Here is the story of the exquisite Tangaliya form Gujarat, told by the master craftsmen who have been working their magic, for generations

Living History

History in a Dish

The Sweet Journey of Sandesh

Not sugary sweet and yet sumptuous, the famous Bengali dessert sandesh is unique in many ways. Here is the story behind it!

Forgotten Treasures

The Greek Connection

Deciphering the history of Greek rulers in India, through ancient coins