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Tales & Trails

Tales & Trails: Lifting the Veil on the Harappans 
All the answers to the many questions on the Harappans...On Tales & Trails we ‘lift the veil’ on the Harappans with Prof Vasant Shinde, the archaeologist who has done the most extensive work on Harappan sites for over 40 years.   

History Daily

Snapshort Histories

Ranjit Singh’s French Connection   

The story of Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s French Legion, the most elite force of the Sikh Khalsa army.

Snapshort Histories

A ‘What if’ of History & SRK’s Link to It

What is the link between a mass movement that swept through the region on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border during the turn of the 20th century and Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan?

LHI HerStory

LHI HerStory

Ullal’s Warrior Queen

Catch the story of the Rani Abbakka, the Jain Warrior Queen of Ullal, who valiantly fought against the Portuguese

LHI HerStory

Naganika: The Queen Who Left a Mark

Coins tell many stories. Take the story of the first queen to have issued a coin in India. The Satavahana Queen Naganika lived in the 1st BCE. Little was known about her till an inscription was found...

Weaves of India

The Mystique of Rogan
Team LHI in partnership with Gujarat Tourism brings to you the fascinating story of Rogan, a dying craft form practiced by a single family in Gujarat.

Living History

Forgotten Treasures

Lost Jewels of Darbhanga

Darbhanga is a city steeped in history. It was home to one of the most spectacular collections of jewels till as recently as the 1960s

History in a Dish

In Search of the ‘Original’ Mysore Pak

It is bound to be on top of your list of must have foods if you are heading towards Chennai or Bengaluru but do you know where the famous sweet, ‘Mysore pak’ comes from?

The Great Indian Gharanas

The Great Indian Gharanas in Khayal
Khayal, the modern genre of classical singing in Northern India, popularized by Amir Khusro in the 13th century, saw a great revival in the 18th century. LHI’s Nikhil Inamdar tells us how the tide turned for Khayal