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Tales & Trails: Chai Pe Charcha | The Tale of Indian Tea
For millions of Indians, a day without a cup of ‘Chai’ is unimaginable. But did you know, hardly anyone in India drank tea until 1900s. In this episode of Tales & Trails, we bring you a fascinating insight into how politics, economics and a massive propaganda campaign by the British, turned Indians into ‘Chai Lovers’.   

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Fire, India and the Heart of Asia

The Absheron peninsula of Azerbaijan is today an industrial wasteland. but amidst the debris, is an ancient and unique Fire temple, worshipped by Zoroastrians and Hindus both.

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India’s Lost Cupid

While we all know of the symbolic harbingers of love and romance- Cupid and St. Valentine, do you know the story of how our own ‘God of Love’ evolved and got lost, somewhere in the sands of time?

Stories that Make India

Kondapalli: The Toy Town
Every child’s dream, this place in Andhra Pradesh is for real. We explore the unique toy town of Kondapalli, famous for its unique wooden toys.

LHI HerStory

LHI HerStory

Cornelia’s Fight  

Cornelia Sorabji was the first Indian woman to get a degree from the Bombay University & Oxford. She fought the system to become a lawyer facing unimaginable hurdles. Here is her story, of grit and courage against all odds!

LHI HerStory

Kashmir’s ‘Ruthless’ Queen Didda

Queen Didda was a powerful and formidable ruler, who has often been described as ruthless by Kashmiri writers. Has history been fair on her?

Weaves of India

Leheria: Colors of Tradition
Waves of color come alive in Rajasthan today, as women celebrate the festival of #Teej draped in Jaipur’s famed Leheria. Catch the story of the unique Leheria and how it came to be associated with the Pink City.  

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Threaded Tales in the Chamba Rumal

The story of the weave that tells great stories

History in a Dish

Chhang: The Beer of the Himalayas

Local tipples or alcoholic brews are common across India but one of the most popular ones has to be the millet based Chhang. Relished across Himalayan areas, there is an interesting legend behind it.

Road to Enterprise

The Story of the Chettiars
The story of the Chettiars from their rise to power and business philosophy to the legacy that lives on even today