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Chai Pe Charcha - The Tale of Indian Tea | Tales & Trails
For millions of Indians, a day without a cup of ‘Chai’ is unimaginable. But did you know, hardly anyone in India drank tea until 1900s. In this episode of Tales & Trails, we bring you a fascinating insight into how politics, economics and a massive propaganda campaign by the British, turned Indians into ‘Chai Lovers’.   

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Mumbai’s Historic Maidans

These grounds in the heart of Mumbai have a rich legacy

Snapshort Histories

Tamil Nadu’s Danish Connection

On the coast of Tamil Nadu lies the second largest fort the Danish ever built. It is fascinating, how this little piece of Scandinavia landed on a sultry, tropical village in India!

Stories that Make India

Dholpur: A Treasured Land  
Off the beaten track but steeped in history and mythology. Join us as we travel to Dholpur, trace its story and find out how some of India’s greatest monuments are linked to it

Amazing India

Amazing India

Narmada’s Marble Gorge

One of India’s most breath-taking natural formations – Marble Rocks in Madhya Pradesh – was carved by the Narmada river at its dramatic best. Discover the secrets of the river, how it built a gorge of shimmering marble, and the folklore associated with it

Amazing India

Bhaja Caves: Along the Trade Route 

Driving down the busy Mumbai - Pune Expressway, few realise that they are travelling along what was once an ancient trade route, used by travelers 2000 years ago!

Amazing India

Iron Power - India’s Biggest Cannon 

Cast in 1549 and chiseled for Aurangzaeb in 1686, this cannon aptly named Malik-i-Maidan or ‘Lord of the battlefield’ has quite literally blasted through history!

Weaves of India

Kalamkari: A Timeless Art
What do you get when you put together a tamarind pen, all-natural dyes, cotton and silk fabric and skilled craftsmanship? The exquisitely hand-painted Kalamkari art. We trace its backstory, to the sacred temple town of Srikalahasti in Andhra Pradesh.

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Forgotten Treasures

Nassak Diamond: From The Crown of Shiva

Nassak diamond, one of the world’s most precious diamonds was once the centrepiece of Lord Shiva’s crown in a temple in Nashik. Catch its intriguing journey across three continents

History in a Dish

Mango - India’s Gift to the World!

India’s favourite fruit is more Indian than you think. Its very name ‘Mango’ comes from the Malayalam word for it, Maanga. Here is a bite into its rich history.