Mangalagiri: The Auspicious Hill
Of Ice and Cream, to Sell it!  
Bharat Mata - From Art To Reality

LHI Videos

Kanakadurga: A Holy Abode
The goddess who watches over the city of Vijayawada and the temple that is literally its crowning glory. Catch the legends around the grand Kanakadurga, in the first of our series on the Temples of Andhra Pradesh

History Daily

Cover Story

The Armenians of India

Trace the fascinating history of a unique community, that has played a key role in many phases of India’s history

Amazing India

India’s Only Active Volcano  

Catch the story of a small remote island in Andaman Sea, India’s only active volcano.

Backpacking through History

Backpacking through Sarnath
This week we go Backpacking to Sarnath with historian Binda Paranjape. Find the place where Buddha gave his first sermon & where the Buddhist Sangha was born.

LHI HerStory

LHI HerStory

The Story of Anarkali - Fact or Fiction?

Did Anarkali really exist and is the famous story of her tragic affair with Prince Salim really true? Catch the real story...

LHI HerStory

Umabai Kundapur - An Unsung Hero

Catch the story of Umabai Kundapur, an unsung hero of India’s freedom struggle, who shunned the limelight and preferred anonymity as a ‘Desh Sevika’.

Weaves of India

Tangaliya: Woven Beads
See amazing & colorful woven beads, come alive on the loom. Here is the story of the exquisite Tangaliya form Gujarat, told by the master craftsmen who have been working their magic, for generations

Living History

Forgotten Treasures

Threaded Tales in the Chamba Rumal

The story of the weave that tells great stories

History in a Dish

Malpua: India’s Oldest Dessert

It’s a dessert that is popular in nearly every street and household across India and the subcontinent. But did you know that the malpua is India’s oldest known dessert?

Road to Enterprise

The Story of Parsi Enterprise
Catch the story of Parsi entrepreneurship and how they made their way from shipbuilders and traders to India’s leading industrialists. Also, catch the one link with the bygone days and old trade links