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Heritage Matters

Preserving Christian Heritage in Mumbai
We visit the Archdiocesan Heritage Museum and understand how they are preserving the Catholic heritage of Mumbai and connecting the community to its roots.

History Daily

Snapshort Histories

Nanak Singh: Power of the Pen

The story of a writer who proved that the pen is mightier than the sword and went on to become one of the greatest literary giants of Punjab!

Cover Story

Ajanta: A Muse for Indian Art 

The jaw-dropping cave paintings at Ajanta were rediscovered in the early 19th century but it was the work of one institute that put these artworks – and Indian art – at par with that of the West. Meet the artists who painstakingly documented these murals and their priceless legacy   

Tales & Trails

Saving a Historic Haveli | Tales & Trails
Hidden away in the by-lanes of Chandni Chowk in old Delhi is a haveli that tells quite a story. Join us as we rediscover it with Swapna Liddle, author, historian and Convenor of INTACH in Delhi. 

LHI HerStory

LHI HerStory

Mah Laqa Bai: An Enigma

The story of an 18th century trailblazer who became one of the Deccan’s most influential women, working her way up from being the daughter of a travelling performer. A poet as well as a warrior, she was granted a bodyguard of 100 soldiers and drummers to announce her arrival!

LHI HerStory

Naganika: The Queen Who Left a Mark

Coins tell many stories. Take the story of the first queen to have issued a coin in India. The Satavahana Queen Naganika lived in the 1st BCE. Little was known about her till an inscription was found...

LHI HerStory

India’s Australian ‘Queens’: Bride and Prejudice

Indian royals were notorious for their dalliances with Western women but not these two Rajas, who married Australian brides. Catch the story of two ladies from Down Under – scorned, ostracized and even poisoned, they stuck by their husbands till the very end  

Tales of Our Cities

Tales of Tughlaqabad
Imposing and hauntingly beautiful, the great fort of Tughlaqabad was also cursed. Hear the story of the sultan who wanted to build the most impregnable fort and the Sufi saint, who cast a shadow on his ambitions. Join Historian & Author Sapna Liddle in Tughlaqabad... 

Amazing India

Amazing India

Lalitgiri: Odisha’s Oldest Buddhist Complex

If Bhubaneswar is known for its historic temples, a stone’s throw from the city is one of Buddhism’s most intriguing sites. Called the ‘Diamond Triangle’, it includes the ancient Lalitgiri monastic complex, an enigma just waiting to be solved

Cover Story

Kopeshwar: Unearthing Maharashtra’s Khajuraho

Kopeshwar temple is a hidden architectural jewel, marketed as the Khajuraho of Maharashtra and houses some of the finest examples of temple Iconography in this part of the country.

Amazing India

Narmada’s Marble Gorge

One of India’s most breath-taking natural formations – Marble Rocks in Madhya Pradesh – was carved by the Narmada river at its dramatic best. Discover the secrets of the river, how it built a gorge of shimmering marble, and the folklore associated with it

Treasures of India

The Great Indian Crowns
Did you know that the crown that the last Mughal Emperor wore is at Windsor Castle? Catch the story of India’s spectacular Crowns on the Treasures of India, with Jewellery Historian and Author Rene Brus