History of Assam by Edward Gait (1926)

Did you know that the Ahoms are one of the longest-ruling dynasties in Indian history? So much of our regional histories are lost and forgotten. But thanks to works such as A History of Assam by Edward Gait, we can still get a peek into how a region was shaped and evolved into the place we see today.
Gait was an administrator in the Indian Civil Service. He rose to serve as Lieutenant-Governor of the Bihar and Orissa provinces in the then Bengal Presidency of British-India. While serving in the modern-day Assam region, Gait began collecting old records and manuscripts and having them translated and analysed. It is through these that he put together his great work on the history of Assam.
First published in 1906 and revised in 1926, A History of Assam traces the evolution of the region from prehistoric times to the modern age, including its emergence as a centre of tea cultivation. The book remains one of the most popular and detailed accounts of the region's past.

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