The Bayana Hoard of Gupta Coins

As far as finding treasures go, it was perhaps the greatest windfall.
On 17th February 1946, Maharaja Brijendra Singh of Bharatpur, a descendant of the famous Jat empire builder, Raja Surajmal was on a hunting expedition in the villages of Nagla Chela, within his kingdom. After the hunt, once the Maharaja and his retinue departed, three local village children began searching the area for empty cartridges. For them, these were prized collectibles. While on their ‘hunt’ along a small embankment, in the field of a poor farmer, they plucked out a small shrub and discovered a copper pot buried under. The pot contained more than 2000 Gupta era gold coins. This chance discovery, by three small children in a small nondescript village, would create a sensation in the world of numismatics. What they had found was the now famous ‘Bayana Hoard’, the largest known treasure of ancient Indian gold coins ever found in India!

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