Bagh Caves: The Ajanta Artists' Other Canvas

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Some of India’s most stunning murals in ancient times were painted by artists who were out of work. These murals decorated the walls and ceilings of the Bagh Caves in Madhya Pradesh, painted by the same hands that made the now world-famous murals at Ajanta not too far away in Aurangabad.
The Bagh Caves are distinctly Buddhist and their exquisite paintings were crafted in the 5th-6th century CE. During that time, these master craftsmen were working on the rock-cut caves at Ajanta but were rendered unemployed when political troubles in the Vakataka kingdom of King Harishena stalled their work. So they travelled to Bagh, 300 km north of Ajanta to keep busy, and returned to Ajanta to complete their masterpieces when peace returned.

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