The Little Kingdoms of the North (200 BCE – 200 CE)

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This is the story of history’s forgotten kingdoms, whose history has been painstakingly stitched together through secondary accounts like the epics, the Puranas, Greek historical records and the odd inscription, all backed by a huge numismatic database.
They range in time from the 4th century BCE to the 5th century CE, and they survived the vicissitudes of time, defeats by foreign conquerors and displacement from their homelands to keep clan and kingdom together. These little-known polities claimed descent from venerable sages like Vishwamitra and epic heroes like Yudhisthira. They ended up lending their clan names to the geography of India and yet we know precious little about them. We often do not know from where they came and where they vanished, into in the hoary annals of the Early History of India. This is their story.

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