From Clans to Kingdoms (1700 BCE- 600 BCE)

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What time ye helped Sudas with all the Tritsu folks when the ten kings had pressed them down in their attack…
There, where the white-robed Tritsus with their braided hair, skilled in songs worshipped you with homages and hymns
These lines from the Rig Veda, invoking the great gods Indra and Varuna, refer to a significant battle – the Dasrajnas – or battle of the ten kings, fought somewhere along the river Parushni or Ravi in Punjab. On one side was Sudas, the Bharata king related/closely aligned with the tribe of Tritsus, and on the other was a confederacy consisting of ten well-known tribes of the time, including the Puru, Yadu, Anu, Druhyu and Turvasa.
While this battle, fought some time during the Early Vedic period, is not as familiar to us as that other one, which is celebrated in literature – the Mahabharata (which defines the later ‘Epic Age’), it was significant. King Sudas, who followed this victory with others, ensured that the Bharatas became so dominant and famous that the entire region came to be called Bharatvarsha.

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