Rajput Cuisine: From Camps to Kitchens

In this episode of Cuisines and Culture, we travel to the erstwhile princely state of Kishangarh in Rajasthan to bring you a taste of the royal Rajput Cuisine. Rajasthan’s tough climatic conditions and arid desert allowed limited vegetation and cultivation here. Interestingly, the Rajput rulers, their interest in food and their elaborate hunting camps came to flavour the food traditions in Rajasthan. 

Adhiraj Singh, a national-level trap shooter and culinary expert in his early 30s, who belongs to the erstwhile royal family of Kishangarh, takes us on a culinary journey. While sharing the stories from his own childhood and the tales of the Rajputs, he also demonstrates a special recipe of the iconic dish, the Junglee Maas.

*Please note that this film features a visual demonstration of a recipe involving meat.