A Venetian at the Mughal Court: The Life and Adventures of Nicolò Manucci

Venetian Nicolò Manucci’s story is distinct from those of other European travellers and adventurers who documented their stay in India. The young teenager, who arrived on Indian shores with little education and few connections in the 17th century, lived here till his death at the age of eighty-two. During his time in India, he travelled across many cities, including, Patna, Agra, Delhi and worked for the Mughals, the Portuguese and even the British. He was witness to some of the most dramatic events in the subcontinent’s history. His chronicles about his times and travels are an important source to trace India’s history today.

Catch author Marco Moneta and translator and anthropologist, Elisabetta Gnecchi Ruscone LIVE on LHI Circle as we explore the life and adventures of this Venetian traveller.

Here’s the recording of our LIVE discussion with Marco Moneta and Elisabetta Gnecchi Ruscone.