Living History

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Ludo’s Indian Roots   

One of the most popular board games across the world, Ludo traces its origin back to the ancient Indian game of Pachisi. 

History in a Dish

Mulligatawny- The Soup of an Empire

How is the evolution of an empire connected with a soup? Catch the fascinating story of the Mulligatawny soup, which exemplified the heydays of the British Empire in India

Forgotten Treasures

Daimabad’s Mystery Man

Belonging to the Harappan period, an old bronze sculpture has baffled archaeologists for decades. Found at Daimabad in Maharashtra, can this sculpture of a man riding a bull be a depiction of Pashupati?

Forgotten Treasures

Threaded Tales in the Chamba Rumal

The story of the weave that tells great stories