Living History

History in a Dish

Pickle: Preserved by History

Be it a jar of sour limes, tangy mango or spicy chillies that set your mouth on fire, India’s food pantheon is incomplete without pickles or āchār. We take a look at ancient history to find out how pickles made their way into every Indian household

Forgotten Treasures

Orlov Diamond: To Russia with Love 

While most Indians know of the Kohinoor diamond in London, there is a larger diamond in Moscow - The Orlov, that few are aware of!

Forgotten Treasures

All that Remains of Dara Shikoh 

A devoted husband and a curious prince, Dara Shikoh commissioned a spectacular album of miniatures for his beloved wife. The album was not meant to survive the brutality wrought by Dara’s brother Aurangzeb, but fate had other plans…

Forgotten Treasures

Daimabad’s Mystery Man

Belonging to the Harappan period, an old bronze sculpture has baffled archaeologists for decades. Found at Daimabad in Maharashtra, can this sculpture of a man riding a bull be a depiction of Pashupati?