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Diamond in a Shoe: The Jacob Diamond

Three men, two of them cheats, and a gullible Nizam who loved the good things in life. Catch the high drama that surrounds the Jacob diamond, one of the world’s most famous precious stones. Read on to find out how this thriller ends.

Living History

Puducherry’s Cafes: How Cultures Met Over Food

They may be cool and hip now but Puducherry’s cafés once facilitated a fusion of French and Indian cultures, which was crucial to the coloniser’s ambitions in India. Read all about the politics of the palate in this former French enclave on the east coast.

History in a Dish

Mulligatawny- The Soup of an Empire

How is the evolution of an empire connected with a soup? Catch the fascinating story of the Mulligatawny soup, which exemplified the heydays of the British Empire in India

Living History

India’s Coffee Connection

Believe it or not but India was not always a nation of tea drinkers. Coffee became the beverage of choice after a Sufi saint smuggled coffee seeds into India in the 16th century. Catch the extraordinary story of this heady brew as it travelled from Africa to the Middle East and then to India