Living History

History in a Dish

Pickle: Preserved by History

Be it a jar of sour limes, tangy mango or spicy chillies that set your mouth on fire, India’s food pantheon is incomplete without pickles or āchār. We take a look at ancient history to find out how pickles made their way into every Indian household

Forgotten Treasures

Orlov Diamond: To Russia with Love 

While most Indians know of the Kohinoor diamond in London, there is a larger diamond in Moscow - The Orlov, that few are aware of!

Living History

‘Fun & Games’ in Old Calcutta

Life was no cakewalk for the early British settlers in Calcutta but that doesn’t mean it had to be boring. Find out how the Europeans and Bengali babus lived it up in the 18th century, a tale of evening balls, nautch girls and even the lottery

Living History

Khuda Bakhsh Library:  Patna’s Treasure House

Boasting one of the world’s richest collections of books and manuscripts on Islamic literature and history, this library was a personal gift from a beloved son of Bihar who loved the ‘Patna public’ more than he did money. Catch the moving story of Khuda Bakhsh and his labour of love