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Kopeshwar: Unearthing Maharashtra’s Khajuraho

Kopeshwar temple is a hidden architectural jewel, marketed as the Khajuraho of Maharashtra and houses some of the finest examples of temple Iconography in this part of the country.

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The Mysterious Horsemen of the Pir Panjal

We know of the Terracotta Warrior army in China, but have you heard of the mysterious horsemen of the Pir Panjal? Catch the fascinating story by Prashant Mathawan

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The Legendary Sopara

It’s hard to believe but a grubby suburb of Mumbai Nala Sopara was an ancient urban center, that grew around the port of Sopara, 2300 years ago. Legend has it that even Lord Buddha paid it a visit!

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Lonar Crater Lake: A Gift from the Sky

The Lonar Lake, with sparkling blue water is a unique geological wonder and a place where geology, astronomy, and history come together to create a grand spectacle.