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Jainism & Its Cosmic View

Join us on a cosmic journey that attempts to explain the foundation of our existence and the universe we inhabit

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Fort William College & Its Ironic Legacy

Fort William College was meant to train young British lads for the Company but it ended up as a great centre of Indian languages. Find out how a college set up by the East India Company became the ‘birthplace of modern Hindi’ and went on to even influence the Bengal Renaissance

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The Polygar Heroes of Tamil Nadu

The Polygars and the two wars they launched against the British in Tamil Nadu were in some ways a turning point in history. Their contribution largely forgotten over time, it took popular Tamil cinema to revive their story.

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The Bombay High Court: Then & Now

The hallowed halls of the Bombay High Court are located in one of Mumbai’s most iconic Victorian Gothic buildings, striking fear and hope, depending on which way the scales of justice tilt. On its 157th anniversary, let us look back at how the justice system in Mumbai evolved and the keepers of the people’s conscience in the court’s early days