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Feluda: A Sleuth For All Times  

Bengal’s much-loved detective, Feluda, was the creation of legendary filmmaker and writer Satyajit Ray. Fifty-five years after he made his debut, find out how Ray’s Sherlock Holmes has managed to stay relevant

Snapshort Histories

Old Motifs for the New World

Catch the story of the ‘Siddi Saiyyad ni Jaali’, an exquisite 16th-century latticework, which has become the unofficial symbol of Ahmedabad city and the logo of its most famous academic institution, the Indian Institute of Management (IIM-A)

In The News

Lost Treasures of the Rampur Nawabs

When the vaults of the Rampur Nawabs were finally opened in February 2020 after a Supreme Court Order, there was shock. The famed Rampur jewels - priceless diamonds, emeralds and pearls set in exquisite crowns and necklaces were all gone!  Where were they? Did they even exist? We find out. 

Amazing India

Hetampur: A Tiny Royal Gem  

What is a magnificent Victorian-Gothic palace doing in the bleak Bengal countryside? Find out why this royal abode and other relics of the Hetampur Raj are marooned in a village in Birbhum district