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A Great Robbery That Shook the Raj     

On a rainy afternoon in August 1914, revolutionaries in Calcutta pulled off an arms heist that sent shock waves through the British administration. All it took was a bullock cart that ‘lost its way’. Catch the dramatic story of the ‘Rodda Arms Heist’ and its stellar cast of characters

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BARC Inscription: Secrets of Mumbai’s Medieval Past

A chance discovery on the BARC campus in Mumbai cracked open a whole slice of the city’s medieval past. Catch the fascinating discovery of a ’new’ king Hambirarao who ruled the region and had Mahim as his capital!

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The Indian Army – A Story of Integration

On #armyday, catch the little-known story of how the armies of all the princely states were integrated into the Indian Army, to create a fabulous reflection of our great country

History Daily

Battles of Imphal & Kohima: A Time to Heal

A Manipur resident is digging up the past to keep the memory of the twin battles of Imphal and Kohima alive. His remembrance tours and peace museum are just two of his many initiatives to honour fallen soldiers in this Second World War theatre of war