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History Daily

Storehouse of the ‘Memory of the World’ 

Some of the earliest known written works on the subcontinent, including those relating to the Vedas and the Mahabharata, are hiding in plain sight in the Bhandarkar Institute, Pune. Catch the intriguing story of the Manuscript Collection Project and how its legacy was taken forward by a pioneering Indian scholar

Snapshort Histories

India’s Frontier Fighters

What is the link between a mass movement that swept through the region on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border during the turn of the 20th century and Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan?

Cover Story

Saving Patna’s Historic Collectorate

A deep connect with their heritage has fired Patna’s citizens, who are rallying to save the city’s Collectorate Complex, which was even featured in Richard Attenborough’s film ‘Gandhi’. Catch the inspiring story of  a people’s movement to rescue a 400-year-old legacy.

Tales & Trails

The Warriors of Sanauli | Tales & Trails
Warriors, weapons and chariots...these discoveries at the 4000 yrs old site of Sanauli, near Delhi created quite a stir. Join us as we take you to the excavation site & get you the latest finds that raise crucial questions. Is this site linked to the period of the Mahabharata?   

Amazing India

Amazing India

Lonar Crater Lake: A Gift from the Sky

The Lonar Lake, with sparkling blue water is a unique geological wonder and a place where geology, astronomy, and history come together to create a grand spectacle.

Amazing India

The Lost Temple of Sharada

Among the many famous temples dedicated to Goddess Saraswati, the Sharada temple in Pakistan occupied Kashmir, is the most historic. This temple was once also an important seat of learning.

Road to Enterprise

The Story of Palanpuri Jains
Catch the story of the Palanpuri Jains, from their origins in the town of Palanpur, Gujarat to the great diamond bourses around the world. Discover what makes the community so successful and the way ahead

Living History

Forgotten Treasures

The Great Train Banquet

On the royal dining table at Gwalior’s Jai Mahal palace, you will find a toy train made of silver that serves you at your seat. 

History in a Dish

The Samosa Trail

Dip into the history of the Samosa to see how India’s favourite snack made its way into the country and how it has always been a travellers delight!